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Happier Camper Travel Trailer RVs For Sale

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Happier Camper travel trailers feature an innovative design with a retro look that is sure to make you happy! The creative Adaptiv modular system will let you configure your set up to best fit your needs, whether you're camping, day traveling, working remotely, or setting up shop at a trade show!


Towing is made easier than ever thanks to the fiberglass exterior, and the aerodynamic design is fuel efficient to keep your pocket book happy. There are available options that include heating, air, and solar, along with exterior colors and interior decor options to fit your style best. 


Lightweight, contemporary, and extremely versatile, Happier Camper travel trailers are the way to go!

  • Happier Camper HC1 Breeze

    Happier Camper HC1 Breeze Floorplan Image

    Happier Camper travel trailer HC1 Breeze highlights: Lightest in the HC1 Lineup ... more about Happier Camper HC1 Breeze

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    Sleeps 2
    Length 13 ft 5 in
    Ext Width 7 ft 1 in
    Ext Height 7 ft 8 in
    Int Height 6 ft 1 in
    Hitch Weight 150 lbs
    GVWR 1500 lbs
    Dry Weight 1000 lbs
    Tire Size 13"
    Axle Count 1
    Shower Type N/A

Happier Camper Features:

Standard Features (2024)



  • Large Rear Hatch (N/A on Traveler or Traveler Breeze)
  • Electric Brakes
  • Swing Back Tongue (N/A HC1 Breeze, Traveler) (Upgrade available on HC1, HC1 Studio, HC1 Venture)
  • Stabilizers (Rear; HC1 Breeze, Traveler w/Family Package) (Front and Rear; HC1, HC1 Studio, HC1 Venture, Traveler, Traveler Breeze)
  • Side Step & Rear Hitch Receiver
  • City & Gray Water Connections (HC1 Studio, Traveler Only)
  • Side Windows (Standard Sliding; HC1, HC1 Breeze, HC1 Studio) (Concession; HC1 Venture) (Standard HCT Egress; Traveler, Traveler Breeze)
  • Front & Rear Windows (No Front w/Rear Sliding; HC1 Breeze) (Front Non-OP/Rear Sliding; HC1, HC1 Studio) (Front & Rear Egress; HC1 Venture, Traveler) (No Front/Rear Egress; Traveler Breeze)


  • Ventilation (Vent w/LED Light; HC1 Breeze) (14" Fan; HC1, HC1 Venture) (14" Fan & Vent; HC1 Studio, Traveler, Traveler Breeze)
  • Cooling (Standard Available Only; HC1 Breeze) (Standard & Off-Grid Available; HC1, HC1 Studio, HC1 Venture, Traveler, Traveler Breeze)
  • Forced Air Heater (N/A HC1 Breeze) (Upgrade Available; HC1, HC1 Studio, HC1 Venture,) (12V Included Forced Air Upgrade Available; Traveler) (N/A Traveler Breeze)
  • AC Pre-Wired


  • Kitchenette (Modular options; HC1 Breeze, HC1, HC1 Venture) (Built-In; HC1 Studio, Traveler, Traveler Breeze)
  • Water Tank Capacity (3 Gal Fresh/3 Gal Gray; HC1 Breeze, HC1, HC1 Venture, Traveler Breeze) (17 Gal Fresh/17 Gal Gray; HC1 Studio, Traveler)
  • Stove (Portable Option; HC1 Breeze, HC1, HC1 Venture) (Portable Built-in avail; HC1 Studio) (Portable; Traveler, Traveler Breeze)
  • Fridge (Modular Available; HC1 Breeze, HC1, HC1 Venture) (Built-in; HC1 Studio) (20L Modular Included; Traveler) (45 L Fridge Chest; Traveler Breeze)


  • Bathroom (Modular Options; HC1 Breeze, HC1, HC1 Venture) (Built-in; HC1 Studio, Traveler) (N/A Traveler Breeze)
  • Toilet (Portable Stowable; HC1 Breeze, Traveler Breeze) (Modular Options; HC1) (Included; HC1 Studio) (Upgrade Avail.; HC1 Venture) (Portable; Traveler)
  • Shower (Upgrade Avail.; HC1 Breeze, HC1, HC1 Venture) (Built-in; HC1 Studio, Traveler) (Not Included, upgrades available; Traveler Breeze)


  • Solar Package & Inverter; Upgrades Available
  • Battery; AGM, Upgrades Available
  • Awning; Upgrades Available
  • Bunk Bed/Couch; (Included; HC1 Venture) (Upgrade Available; HC1 Breeze, HC1, Traveler, Traveler Breeze) (N/A; HC1 Studio)
  • IPAD/Tablet Mount + Bluetooth; Upgrades Available
  • Fiberglass Concession Bars (Upgrades Available; HC1, HC1 Studio) (Included; HC1 Venture) (N/A HC1 Breeze) (Curbside Upgrade Available; Traveler, Traveler Breeze)

See us for a complete list of features and available options!

All standard features and specifications are subject to change.

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. See us for more details.

Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability.


Happier Camper



Happier Camper is dedicated to innovation. With a retro look and modern design, our products are created to keep up with a contemporary lifestyle. Our fiberglass travel trailers and van conversion kits are made to last for generations. We always say you never really own a Happier Camper, you just take care of it for the next generation. Designed for the modern lifestyle, our fiberglass travel trailers are among the lightest in their class. With high-quality fiberglass constructions, our campers don’t need to be towed with a large truck. The aerodynamic design of the campers will save you dollars at the pump. The HC1 Suite trailers can fit in a single parking space, and the Traveler is still easy to move and store compared to other trailers.




Our highly flexible Adaptiv® modular system allows you to easily customize our campers on-the-fly. From camping, to hauling, to sleeping, you can move the Adaptiv cubes and components to create the layout you want in minutes. 




With available solar, heating, and cooling accessories, plus our patented Adaptiv system, you can fully build out your camper to perfectly suit your needs. Our signature Adaptiv system can also convert your Sprinter van to a camper van in an afternoon!